Sneaky Screenshots and Dodgy Downloads

In the last post we discussed how it was important for individuals to know about how their data is being used and accessed, Pyrexia provided the perfect platform to facilitate this but there remained a challenge - how to stop users from taking screenshots.

The reality of digital products is that there is always a compromise, an enterprising individual can likely circumvent your efforts eventually but the more difficult you make it, 

  • the fewer people are capable of it and 

  • the those few who can, may not want to.

In development we realised screenshots was going to be an issue so we started brainstorming creative ways of making this a challenge. The good news was that the only people with access to the document would be professionals who had been given access: 

  • Digital Screen - We stopped users being able to save images directly using some Pyrexia know-how.

  • Digital Shredding - For those who are a little more tech savvy we made it even harder with various techniques to shred the digital signature of the files and images.

  • Keyboard Screenshot Blocker - A slightly more sophisticated system of Pyrexia's erroneous activity detection.

  • File Blur - Moving away from the window that contains your file and we'll blur the image so no one looks over your shoulder.

  • MFA - Lastly, Pyrexia has built-in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), with each session lasting 30 mins. This is to protect your information but also giving you plenty of time to do what you need to do on your Pyrexia Passport.

These measures aren’t full-proof but they are designed to stop the vast majority of users who might try to find an easy way to compromise our governance processes. Digital solutions need to be a combination of improving on existing workflows and so making lives easier, while also protecting against individuals who try to revert to previous poor practice.