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Not sure how much you should be paid? Pyrexia can help.

Our intelligent HR automation platform makes checking your pay simple. Just upload your work schedule and we'll do the rest.

  • AI instantly extracts your shifts and rota from the Work Schedule

  • Pyrexia will automatically calculate your hours of work, including enhanced antisocial hours

  • Compares the correct pay figures against the original work schedule and informs you of any differences

  • Easily edit details and all analysis is re-run instantly

  • Automatic checks against 90 common error combinations - including Prospective Leave, incorrect number of hours used for a day of leave, rounding down leave and more. Full details below.

See how it works

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Why we check work schedules


Prospective Leave

Doctors are paid for intensity of work - i.e. how many additional hours above 40, and enhanced hours per week. There is a common error where all leave (most commonly study leave) is not accounted for. This can lead to significant underpayments up to £3000pa. Read more…


Incorrect hours of leave


Rounding leave


Rounding times


Out-of-hours for GP Trainees

Try it out and automate your workflows today.

Try it out and automate your workflows today.

© 2024 Pyrexia Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Pyrexia Ltd. All rights reserved.