How it works.
For professionals.

Tired of repeating paperwork and digging up documents?
Pyrexia is here to help.

Pyrexia is a cloud-based platform that automates back office tasks for healthcare organisations. Such as HR onboarding and compliance for healthcare professionals and HR teams.

As a healthcare professional, you entered this field to help patients - not battle endless administrative HR tasks. Yet outdated onboarding and compliance processes steal precious hours you could be spending with those in need.

Making life easier for all.

Introducing Pyrexia.

Our intelligent HR automation platform is purpose-built to eliminate the repetitive paperwork that's burning you out. Here's how:

  • Upload your credentials just once. Our AI engine instantly extracts key details - no more data re-entry across multiple forms.

  • Compliance renewals are proactively tracked with automated alerts - no more last minute scramble to maintain credentials.

  • Your secure Pyrexia Passport enables one-click sharing of qualifications across NHS systems - frictionless mobility.

  • Intuitive access lets you manage compliance on-the-go.

  • Built-in tools like Multi-factor Authentication, notifications, and access tracking keep your data ultra secure.

Pyrexia gives you back the hours wasted on repetitive admin - so you can focus on patient care, not paperwork.

Try it out and automate your workflows today.

Try it out and automate your workflows today.

© 2024 Pyrexia Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Pyrexia Ltd. All rights reserved.