Pyrexia + DigitalHealth.London

We’re excited to announce that we are now working with the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme. The Launchpad is a programme for early-stage digital health companies that have a product or service in development or ready to launch with high potential to meet NHS and social care challenges.

At Pyrexia we’ve been working hard to automate HR processes within healthcare, using AI and Machine Learning to reduce the admin burden on HR teams and healthcare professionals. As an example we can reduce 90% of staff onboarding workload and reduce the time taken from six weeks to just two days, amongst a host of other benefits. 

So far we’re having great conversations with NHS organisations on how to deploy our solutions with them, and look forward to having DigitalHealth.London’s considerable experience in having these conversations. For instance, generating evidence from one Trust and translating that to another is key for us. We always want to know how we can better translate Pyrexia’s solutions - such as saving one Trust £2000 - £4000 per staff member recruitment.

The programme also provides a great network from the cohort itself! The other companies on the programme are doing some incredible work across the healthcare sector. As clinicians and patients ourselves there were a few that really jumped out.

Ollie is a Paediatrician so was buzzing to hear about how Hibi are empowering families of children with developmental differences and health conditions, or Coggi who have an Augmented Reality chameleon that guides and accompanies children through gamified exercises to build mental resilience and wellbeing. As a child Ollie also suffered from glue ear (he couldn’t say his own name until he was five!) so Ogma Health using AI to give Speech and Language therapists superpowers to reduce the 180-children-to-therapist ratio hits home.

Ali bumped into an old friend - Qas from GPAL - who have created smart practice management software to help GP surgeries optimally look after their patient population.

We really look forward to working with the DigitalHealth.London Team on getting Pyrexia into NHS hands and making a tangible difference in healthcare efficiency and patient care.